Hardcore Coworker

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Hardcore Coworker

The night begins as many have for me in the recent past. I’m in my own place all alone and just got done another day of work. I sit down to watch whatever I plan on watching on the television this night just like any other. I’m kinda tired and just lay out on the couch and just lounge out trying to fall asleep. Nothing good on so I just keep closing my eyes trying to doze off. I’m so tired that I actually fall asleep for a brief few minutes when all of the sudden my phone rings. I say to myself that’s funny; I wasn’t expecting a call tonight. I answer the phone and hear the voice of my co-worker, Sue. The only words you say is ’Hey, I’m coming over tonight’ and then you hang up the phone. We have been talking at work and over the computer for months now. We both expressed how much we want each other and now you are finally giving in to your temptation's. All I ever said to you was just say your "coming over" and I'd know what you wnated. I just can't believe this is finally happening. You have been on my mind every waking moment and my dreams are now about to come true.

I don’t need to give you directions as I had already given them to you in anticipation of this night. Immediately my heart starts racing and a cold sweat breaks out on me. I don’t know what to do, how to act, what to say when you get to the door. I frantically pace back and forth in my living room, going through a million thoughts in my mind. I’m /scared/">scared, stunned and yet so excited over what this night is going to bring. "What will I do? what will I say?’" echoes endlessly through my mind.

With not enough time left to think, a car pulls up front, it’s you. You walk out with a determined step in your walk and an overnight bag on your shoulder. I stand in front of the door with my eyes shut and head leaning on the back of the door still not knowing what if anything is going to happen or should happen when I open it. A knock rattles off three times on the door and I place my hand on the door knob knowing my eternal life of pleasure and everything I ever wanted from life is on the other side. I hold my hand there and savor the taste of knowing that all the pain, all the suffering, all the guilt, all my heartache, all my time lost, all my hatred, all my doubt’.. and all my fear will be gone with one turn of that knob. I open the door and look into your adoring and yet ever so hungry eyes and milf porn videos simply invite you in. I close the door behind you after you step in and you just stand there right next to me waiting for me to make a move right then and there, but I’m still so overwhelmed by the moment that I don’t even make eye contact. While I shut the door in the mere seconds it takes to close behind you felt like an eternity of bliss knowing that with that door shutting I have officially locked you into my heart forever and nothing will ever be able to set you free or take you away from my love.

With the door closed I stare at the ground and hesitate to turn around. Aimlessly, I just look at the floor. You just stand there and I hear the shallow breathes from your lungs just beating like the loudest drums are beating in my mind. What should I do my mind asks? Do I just politely invite her in and show her around? Do I give her a kiss on the cheek? Do I look up and say, sorry I’m not in the mood tonight? What do I do? What do I do’.you move in closer helping me come to a decision. I take my eyes off the ground and look into your beautiful blue eyes and you have many looks on your face. You tell me in your stare that you want to take control, but yet you seem uncertain if I am going to do anything at all. You look like you are going to jump me and take me down to the ground and have your way with me but never do. I can't stand your stare and end all the suspense. I place my hand on your cheek and slowly caress your face with my palm and simply say’ ’thank you’. I pull your head into mine and wrap my arms around you in the most soothing hug any man could ever give a woman. We stand there cheek to cheek and chest to chest for what seems like an eternity. Everything about you has me in awe’ I smell you hair’ I feel your heart beatt against my chest’ you just look like an absolute angel that melted my heart with her beauty. The moment is so captivating that I cry out of the overload of emotion that you have brought to me.

After a few more minutes in your arms I open my eyes and wipe the tears from my face and stop and think for a second. I realize that when I opened that door to let you in that so much of me had gone out that same door that I just now realized the one thing that was always holding me back is now gone. I grab you by the shoulders and very suddenly push you away from me and simply say’. "Sue, when you walked in that door’. All my fear walked right out’ with that said I very aggressively turn and pin you to the door bringing my body against yours. I look in your eyes for a brief second and wrap my mouth around yours with a kiss so full of passion that it melts you in the spot you stand in. After a few rapid seconds of kissing I push myself away again and stare at you. Only this time I’ve got a hunger in my eyes and a smirk on my face that speaks volumes for what's to come. I slide my hands down your shoulders and my fingertips just ever so slightly run down your arms till I bring my hands to yours. I interlock my fingers with yours and just stand there for a few brief seconds till I pull one of your hands to my mouth and give it slow soft kisses. I look down at your hand and back at your eyes and say, ’no Sue, you want a whole lot more than that’ and you reply... "yes, I do!"... I throw your hands out of mine and bring my hands to your collar. I grab you up by your shirtand press you firm against the door that I still have you up against. I damn near lift you off your feet as I have two fist fulls of your shirt clasped between my hands. With no second thoughts I rip your shirt off in front of me leaving it torn and tattered at your feet. You stand there in bra and pants and I just look you over taking in what I have done to leave you in this state of affairs. I look back up with that same smirk and hungry stare and don’t even think for a second before I reach forward and rip your bra off your chest and leave it lie at your feet as well. I take your breasts in my hands and fell every inch of them. God, they are so tender but they almost melt through my fingers. I put my head forward and suckle them with my lips. Oh, your nipples are so hard as I brushed them with my tongue and I massage your breasts together going back and forth with my mouth. I almost suffocate within them but I don’t care cause it feel so good to have them in my grasp. I work your breasts for minutes on end as I slowly slide my hands around your ribs to your back pulling you into me as I suck and caress your hard nipples in my mouth. Oh, you rub my head vigorously and moan with such a deep passion. I slide my hands down the back of your pants and begin to feel your butt with my hands. I squeeze and pull your pelvis to me while I continue to suck your breasts.

I pull my mouth away from your breasts and give you another kiss of ultimate passion on your lips. I pull on your butt bringing your pelvis to mine. You feel my manhood is totally aroused against your womanhood. You reach down and go to touch my manhood with your hand when I stop kissing you and step back for a second. I give you a look to say I’m a little stunned that you tried to touch me as no one has ever touched me like that before. I go in for another kiss but stop just shy of your lips. I suddenly pull you away from the wall and lay you down on my couch.

I sit straddled over you on our couch and just look over your half naked body. I slide my hands all over your stomach and breasts as your head kicks back in utter /ecstasy/">ecstasy. You moan like /crazy/">crazy as my finger tips feel and move softly across your naked torso. I bring both hands to the top of your pants and unfasten and unzip them. I slowly pull off your pants giving your legs soft kisses as I uncover their beauty to my eyes. I pull your pants completely off leaving you lying there in nothing but a pair of tight cotton panties. God, I am so aroused at this point and just stare at your womanhood that just seems like it is steaming with anticipation of what it wants from me. I rub your legs with my fingers even /tickling/">tickling you at times as your eyes roll to the back of your head from my touch. I slide my hands to the insides of your thighs slowly pulling them open leaving your panty covered womanhood in front of me. I rub every inch around your womanhood as you go absolutely crazy while my fingers just barely go by where you want me to touch you. You end your silence and beg me to put my hands on your womanhood. I don’t give in and rub the insides of your thighs some more. You emotions go crazy as you beg and plead for me to touch your womanhood, you scream! You demand! "PLEASE!! Touch my pussy! Fell my pussy! Fill my pussy!" I wont give in.

You damn near have an orgasm from my teasing touches. Your panties get soaked and you continue to beg and plead till I finally stop my hands from rubbing your thighs and slide them under the side of your panties on the side of your hips. I reach around and pull them off your womanhood. Your juices just begin to drip out as I uncover your beauty. I stare at your womanhood as I slide your panties off your legs and throw them to the ground. I take my pinky and slowly encircle your womanhood making you moan again. I slide my finger over your womanhood lips just barely and hardly even touching them but just enough for you to know I’m working in the area. I stop and bring your left leg up to my face. I place your leg against my chest and slowly kiss you calf and work my way down to your thigh. You leg lye draped over my back and my mouth lies mere inches away from your womanhood. I stare at it up close getting closer and closer, my breath can now be felt as you bring a hand to my head and start running your fingers through my hair while trying to pull me in closer. I resist your pulling and don’t bring my lips to yours just yet. You beg more and more now, "PLEASE!!! TAKE MY PUSSY INTO YOUR MOUTH!! PLEASE!!!" With that said I give your womanhood a quick kiss with my lips. Now another kiss, and another slow and soft kisses over every inch of your womanhood. My lips are all soaked from your womanhood and I lick the fluid off and the taste just makes me want to go in for more. I hold out my tongue and slowly slide the tip of your womanhood's blowjob porn videos lips up and down the outside as you scream the loudest, "OH MY GOD!!" I don’t care if the neighbors hear... I want you so /bad/">bad now.

I stop and look back at the beauty in front of me again and move back in for more. I spread you womanhoods lips with my fingers and find your stiff, hard clit with my tongue. My God, you are so hard, your womanhood is so wet and warm. It feels so good to have you in my mouth. I moan as I suck, kiss and lick and the vibrations from my voice drives your clit crazy. I suck on your clit and tickle it with my tongue as you grab two fistfuls of my hair and pull my face harder and deeper into your womanhood. Suddenly, you tell me to stop cause your going to cum, you try to push me off but I stay suckled to your womanhood like it is my lifeline. You scream and pant like a wild animal getting louder and louder. I suck harder and my tongue works at a ferocious pace on your clit. You start screaming and beg for me to fill you with my manhood but I don’t comply. You scream more and more, oh god your gonna cum’ I work harder and faster.. you beg please please fill me with your manhood’ I work faster. Oh god, OH GOD!!! PLEASE DON’T STOP NOW!! OH GOD!!! Oh’ you cum all over my face. you taste so good. I work frantically to get every drop. I damn near suck you dry. I lick every inch of your womanhood with my lips and tongue leaving you paralyzed in pleasure. I cant believe what just happened and step back and look up at your face. I go in to give you a /kissing/soft-kiss/">soft kiss. The taste of your womanhood comes off my lips onto you and it just turns you on even more. I pull my head back and look at you with my adoring eyes’ you give one soft lick of you top lip and smile a sinister little smile.

Next, you look in my eyes as I stare at your naked body and say just one thing to me’ ’MY TURN!!’ this time you grab me by the shirt and throw me to the couch. You lie over my body completely naked and look at me like a woman possessed. You grab my shirt in the same fashion I did to you and rip it off my chest. You waste no time and bend over and slide your naked body over my chest. You bring your face to mine and just let your breasts ever so slightly rub my chest cause you know I like that. You stare into my eyes as you slide your breasts so lightly over my naked torso. You hair hangs over one side and begins to tickle me as you slide back and forth over me. You straddle one of my legs and feel my throbbing and aroused manhood from beneath my pants against your womanhood. You stop and sit up. Your naked body sits there as your hungry eyes grow ever more hungry. You slide you hands down my chest and slowly rub every inch of my chest, stomach, and ribs. You continually bump my manhood with your womanhood teasing me with every hit. God, you are driving me crazy!! I just moan uncontrollably with every touch from your hands and womanhood. You bring your hands to my pants and unfasten them. I am so aroused that my manhood just thrusts out when you pull my pants down past my waist. You waste no time and get my pants off and work like a woman starved for a dinner that she needed two years ago.

You stare down at my aroused state and move in your hands in and just rip my boxer shorts to shreds. You slide your hands up and down my legs massaging out any tension that remains. I moan and moan and begin to beg for you to take me in completely. You rub and rub my legs till you work to the top of my thighs. You lie your head down on my thigh and stare at my manhood as I slowly brush your hair through my fingers. You bring up one hand to my manhood and with the back of one finger you slide it across the bottom of my shaft cause you know that drives me more crazy. Oh god you are driving me crazy, I beg and beg for you to take me in. "PLEASE SUE PLEASE!!!!" Then you lean forward and kiss my head and shaft as I pulsate with excitement. With one last hesitation I feel your breath over my entire manhood and then suddenly you take me into your mouth completely. You take all of me in and just leave your warm moist mouth on me with little movement. I feel you as you suck every inch of me. It feels so good,’ so warm, ’so moist. I could stay here forever god it feels so GOOD!! I pulsate in your mouth as you begin to work up and down on my manhood. Every motion just drives me crazy and you go faster and faster. God, even your naked beautiful breasts hitting my leg are driving me crazy. You work me for so long and it feels so good, but I know you don’t want me to unload in your mouth. oh god, I’m going to cum’. God, slow down Sue, SLOW DOWN!!! Oh god, I’m gonna cum!! SUE PLEASE STOPP!!! I CANT TAKE MUCH MORE!!!! STOP!!!!

I pull your mouth and head off my manhhood even though you fight and want to remain on me. I have to damn near overpower you to get you to stop. You beg to let me put your mouth back on me but I yell for you to calm down and place you on your back. I tell you that you need to calm and try to hold you down as you act like a woman possessed. You scream of a hunger for more and I see you want more in your eyes. I hold my palm on your chest and leave you with your back to the couch. I ask you to beg me for more. You beg, "GIVE ME MORE!! GIVE ME MORE THAN I CAN HANDLE!!" I bring my hips between your thighs and spread your legs leaving your womanhood in front of my aroused manhood. I bring the tip of my manhood to your womanhood and just barely let them make contact. You beg for me to fill you and I just slide the base of my manhood over the top and across the hair of your womanhood. Oh god we both moan and you beg and beg for more. You feel so good on me! I cant take it anymore. I pull back and lean back forward as I place both arms to the outside of your arms leaving me on all fours over your naked body. I lean in for one more kiss and soon after pull my head back up and say the words that we both want to hear’. ’I want you..., NOW!!’

**THRUST** I slam my manhood into your womanhood and take in every inch of your insides with my throbbing arousal. God you feel so good!! I’m going insane just from the initial thrusts. My pelvis slams against yours and the slaps of my skin against yours echo throughout the room. The breathing is so frantic and the motion becomes uncontrollable as I pound you harder and harder giving you everything you want and more. God you are so wet, so slippery. My manhood shoots in and out of you I don’t know how I’m moving so quickly. I feel like I’m going to blow at any minute but I try so hard to hold out and give you as much pleasure for as long as possible. Faster, faster, faster, you yell!! "HARDER FASTER!!" I work you harder and faster and pound you with an absolute ferociousness. I feel like I’m hurting you but you scream for more’. God I’m going to blow at any time but I still remain strong in my mind to not blow my load too soon. While on top of you I reach my arms around your back’I pull you up as I pound away on you and leave you pined against the wall and the back of the couch. I ram you harder and harder’ you arms spread out’ palms against the wall’ our bodies covered in sweat. I pound so hard sometimes even slamming your head into the wall with some of me thrusts’. You don’t mind and just look into my eyes with a deep hunger that no pain is going to break. We lock eyes and keep them locked as I pound away on you. You pull your hands from the wall and wrap them around my butt pulling me harder and faster into your womanhood. God, I’m pounding you so hard that I fear I may injure you but you still hunger for more. "HARDER!! FASTER!! MORE!!!!" You yell and I give you just that.

You bring you hands to my back below my shoulder blades and pull me closer and closer to you till were face to face. our noses brush past each other as every rhythmic pound I give you brings us both one step closer to ecstasy. I feel your breasts against my chest bouncing with every pound. You pull me in tighter and closer. God, you pull us so tight together we can barely breath. I pound you harder and harder’ you pull me in tighter’. God, we can barely breath.. your pulling to tight’. I work harder and faster with every thrust from my hips’..faster’. faster’. Oh god, I cant breath but I don’t care this feels so good’. We are suffocating each other’. you hunger for more’ "MORE!! FASTER!!" I pound you as fast as I humanly can and you pull me yet even tighter’. God’. MORE!! MORE SUE!!’. I can barely get the words out now ’ you pull me tighter’. I cant breath but I still I pound you so hard’ so fast’ your fingernails dig into my flesh’. I don’t care, my mind doesn’t recognize the pain you are inflicting’. Oh god’. IM GOIN TO CUM!!! OH GOD!! you say’ you dig your fingers in harder and deeper into my back’ I grab two fistfuls of your hair and pull you intensely into me harder and faster’you scream in part pain but mostly pleasure’.. oh god, "SUE, LET ME CUM IN YOU!!!! PLEASE LET ME CUM INSIDE EVERY INCH OF YOUR WOMANHOOD’ PLEASE!!!!"


Oh god’.. we both SCREAM in utter ecstasy and cum simultaneously’ oh GOD!!!! ’ I slam a last few pumps from my hips into your womanhood as you drip all over me from your womanhood. It feels so good. God, let this moment never end. There is no pain from the love I feel for you. I look in your eyes and lay you down on my couch. I brush your hair to the side with my hand and give you a soft peck from my lips to yours. I look back up and with no delay we lock eyes for one last time before we fall asleep in each other’s naked arms and both say at the same time’ ’I love you’.