Stacey 41

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Stacey 41

100% fiction!

This story happened one night when I was 20. I was on a university pub crawl one night when this happened. Me and a few friends had been having pre-drinks for a few hours before going out on the crawl so by the time we got to town, we were all quite drunk. We went to the first pub on the list and it was there that I saw a girl who had been in one of my university lessons.

I didn’t really know her outside of short conversations at university, the same type that I shared with many of my other classmates as well. Her name was Stacey and was very small, only around 5 /feet/">feet tall, despite being 21 years old. She had dyed red-orange hair which finished just below her shoulders, pale skin, although it was without imperfection, a beautiful smile and big pink-red lips, despite her small size. I hadn’t really put too much thought into it, but had imagined having her big lips engulfing my cock and picking her up and fucking what I would imagine to be a tiny, pink pussy.

Seeing her at the bar, I walked over to her tapping her on the back as I said ’hey!’ ’HEY!’ she responded, hugging me, obviously excited to see me. I made small talk as we waited to get drinks then asked if she wanted to go and sit down. She said yes, so we walked over to an empty table. Although there were four seats, I made sure to sit in one next to her so I could get close to her. We talked for another ten minutes when I decided to chance my arm at making physical contact. I made a joke and as she was laughing, I slapped her playfully on the leg, leaving my hand on it afterwards. We continued to talk for a few more minutes and I slowly started to move closer to her bit by bit as I softly rubbed her leg, inching slowly towards her inner thigh. After a few minutes of this, I decided it was time to make my move.

Waiting for a break in conversation, I leant in and kissed her. She seemed a little unprepared for a second but quickly went with it. Her big lips were so soft as they pressed against mine. Our tongues intertwined as we made out and I kept softly rubbing her inner thigh, slowly making my way up towards her panties. She seemed to enjoy it and I think I felt her legs relax and spread apart ever so slightly. As we continued to hook up, our tongues twisting around each other’s, I softly moved my hand to the front of her panties. I was a little surprised at the small wet patch I found.

We were in an area out of the way of the dance floor and bar, so I decided to start rubbing her. As I began to rub her, I felt her little mound, which was extremely soft, warm and squishy, obviously already soaking wet. She broke our kiss to breathe and moan softly in my ear. I used my fingers to find the side edge of her soft, cotton panties and quickly used my index and middle fingers to part the tiny, wet lips of her the wwwxxx pussy. Using my middle finger to hold her lips apart, I slid my index finger along her slit, feeling the natural lubrication and made my way up to her clit. It was only small, but I could tell that it was swollen due to her state of arousal. I used her juice to lubricate my finger as I rubbed her clit in a circular motion.

She breathed in my ear trying not to moan loudly, as I felt one of her tiny hands move towards my crotch. She tried to rub my cock over the pants but struggled as I rubbed her slit up and down with my thumb to lubricate it. I slipped two fingers inside her pussy and was greeted with a soft moan of approval in my ear. ’Ohh fuck that feels so good’, she breathed softly in my ear. Her pussy was so tight, squeezing hard on my fingers. I used my thumb to rub her clit as I slowly drew my fingers in and out of her ever moistening pussy. She continued to breath and moan in my ear and we started to make out again. I used my fingers inside her to start rubbing her G-spot and she immediately broke our kiss again to moan in approval.

I continued to rub her G-spot and clit as we made out in between her moans. It wasn’t long before she couldn’t make out with me as her moans became louder and her breath’s shorter and shallower. I felt her tiny pussy start to tighten even further on my fingers. She became quiet and held her breath as she was tipped over the edge, orgasming with my fingers inside of her. After about 15 seconds she started to kiss me furiously again, as I pulled my fingers out of her tiny, /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy.

We made out for 30 seconds or so and she broke the kiss to whisper something in my ear. ’Now it’s your turn’, she breathed seductively. ’Follow me’, she said, pulling my hand off her leg and standing up. She walked slowly over towards the toilets and I stood up to follow her, several meters behind so as not to arouse suspicion. Because it was a quiet corner of the bar, there was no one around and she poked her head in the men’s toilets, finding them empty. I looked around to make sure no-one was looking and followed her into the toilets, closing and locking the cubicle she had walked into behind us.

She quickly turned around, standing on her tip toes to reach up and make out with me again. We made out quickly, then she moved around behind me so her back was to the door of the cubicle. I turned around to face her and she got on her knees in front of me, reaching her tiny hands up to undo my jeans. As she pulled down my jeans, I could feel my cock start to harden, as she could see through my undies. She pulled them down swiftly, revealing my hardening cock, pointing out directly at her face. Her tiny hands moved to my hips and she slid them up to hold my shirt out of the way.

Looking up at me, she opened her mouth wide, putting just the head of my cock in her mouth, wrapping her soft lips around it. She sucked it once, pulling her mouth away, then doing the same once more before opening her mouth wide again and slowly moving more of my cock in her mouth. Her saliva coated the shaft of my cock as she slowly moved them up and down the length of my dick, quickly making it rock hard. Her warm, wet mouth engulfed my cock as she bobbed her head up and down on it. Her big pink-red lips felt so soft on my cock head and shaft as they slid up and down my length.

The slurping noises echoed around the empty bathroom as she gave me the best blowjob of my life. She pulled her mouth away from my dick, moving her hand to it and softly wrapping it around, jacking it slowly. She moved her mouth down towards my balls, sucking, licking and slurping them like a lollipop as she jacked my cock slowly with her hand. I had always love getting my balls sucked and tried to contain myself as she gave me the head job of a lifetime.

After a couple of minutes of sucking my balls she made her way back to my cock. She sucked more furiously this time, deep-throating me as her tiny hands squeezed my arse, pulling my cock deep in to her mouth. Gagging and slurping sounds filled the room as her saliva coated my whole cock, her /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth giving me one of the best feelings of my life. I breathed heavily and placed my hands on the top of her head, holding her hair out of her face and mouth. Another minute or so of this and I could feel my cock starting to pulse as my orgasm approached.

Her mouth bobbed up and down furiously on /cock/huge-cock/my-huge-cock/">my huge cock as she squeezed my arse harder, trying to force it even deeper in her throat. My balls started to tighten as I shot cum into her hot, wet mouth. I let out a low moan as I came, her lips still wrapped around my shaft. My orgasm lasted for what felt like an eternity, my cock pulsing in her mouth until I finally finished. She sucked it as she pulled her mouth off it, swallowing the big load I had shot in to her mouth. A little had been left on my cock, so she engulfed it with her mouth again, wrapping her lips around it to lick and suck it dry.

After she had finished, I reached down to pull up my pants and do them up. ’I guess I’ll see you later on’, she said cheekily, unlocking the door and walking out of the cubicle. ’What’s your number?’ I asked quickly before she could walk out of the toilets. I got out my phone and she grabbed it from me, entering it in herself. She slipped it back in my pocket for me, giving me a cheeky look as she walked out of the toilets. ’I’ll see you later’, I said as she walked out the door smiling.

When she had left, I looked at myself in the mirror, fixing my hair, then washed my hands. I returned to find my friends and continued wwwxxx on with my night, seeing Stacey at the several bars as she was on the same crawl. We didn’t talk, but shared plenty of naughty looks when we glanced at each other. The pub crawl finished at 1pm and we went our separate ways so I didn’t see her for a few hours. It got to 4 o’clock and I thought it was about time I headed home. Before I left though, I thought I’d try my luck at taking Stacey home. I liked my chances if she was still in town, but it had been several hours since I had seen her so I didn’t have my hopes up.

I sent her a message and received a quick reply. She was at her home which was on the other side of town to me. She had told me earlier she lived with her parents so disappointedly I went and caught a taxi. She replied after several minutes saying ’I could catch a taxi to yours if you’re too /scared/">scared to sleep alone ;)’. It was obvious she was still as horny as I was so I told her my address and made my way home in the taxi.

When I got home, I cleared my desk, which was my favourite place to fuck. I quickly went and sculled some water, went to the toilet and stripped down to my undies. I also made sure my bedroom light was on as I loved to see everything when I have sex. Sitting down on my bed, I turned on the TV and started to watch a replay of the football match from earlier that day. About 10 minutes later, I saw a taxi pull up in the driveway and watched Stacey walk out. Hearing her knock on the door, I walked to answer it, letting her in. She walked inside and looked my near naked body up and down, smiling at what she saw. I leant down to kiss her and picked her up as we made out. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I carried her tiny frame into my room, placing her on my desk.

I quickly started to strip her clothes off revealing her small, yet shapely boobs in a lacy black bra. I undid it as we made out and revealed a beautiful set of tits with small, pink nipples which were erect due to her high state of arousal. I squeezed her /nipples/tits-nipples/tits-and-nipples/">tits and nipples softly as we made out and I started to kiss down her neck. Kissing near her ear as I continued to fondle her tits, I sucked and nibbled on her ear lobe which tipped her over the edge. She tried to grab for my cock immediately but I stopped her, teasing her to get her even more wet. I kissed down her neck again and sucked on her soft, pink nipples drawing moans from her as she grabbed my head. I moved back up to make out with her again as I slipped my hands into the waistband of her panties. She had obviously changed them at home because they were black lacy ones that matched her bra.

I broke the kiss and leaned down, pulling her panties slowly down her legs to reveal her smooth, wet mound. I hadn’t seen it before so I took a second to take it in. It looked beautiful. Her moisture was glistening in the light on her tiny mound, her swollen clit poking out at the top. Her whole pussy was a dark pink colour, going into white as it got further out. I lowered myself to my knees, positioning my head near her pussy and placing my hands on the insides of her legs, opening her legs wide. Using my right hand, I then spread her pussy lips, revealing her fresh, light pink insides and her tiny, swollen clit. The thing I noticed the most though was the tiny hole at the bottom. It was soaking wet and I couldn’t wait to feel my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock inside of it.

After taking her whole pussy in, I lowered my mouth onto it, licking up and down her slit and tasting her juices. She moaned softly and placed her hands on my head, trying to get a grip on something. I worked my way up to her clit licking over it and sucking it softly. She started to moan a lot louder and more frantically as I did this and bucked her hips against my face a little. ’Ohhh fuck that’s so good Trav’, she moaned as I continued to lick and suck on her pussy.

After a few minutes, her moaning became louder and even more frantic as her orgasm neared. ’Ohh yes fuck, I’m gonna cum!’ she moaned, as she bucked against my face. Her moans subsided and I slowed my eating of her pussy. ’I want your cock in me’ she almost pleaded as I stood up between her legs. It was already rock hard and it sprung up, slapping the bottom of my stomach as I pulled my undies off. I grabbed her by the legs, pulling her arse to sit at the edge of the desk so I had better access to her pussy.

She went to grab my cock to put it in her pussy but I stopped her, grabbing it myself and rubbing the tip up and down her slit a few times. This resulted in her moaning, especially when I flicked it back and forth over her clit. I slipped my cockhead back down her slit and positioned at the opening of her tiny hole. I pushed in slowly and just put the tip in, stopping to calm myself because it felt so good. I held it there for a few seconds then slid all the way in, bottoming out, our pelvis pressing against each other.

Her pussy was so wet that I had no trouble sliding my cock all the way in despite her tiny, pink pussy being so tight. Again, I paused, making sure I didn’t get too excited. I drew it out, resulting in her moaning all the way, until it was almost the whole way out, then pushed it all the way back in slowly again. I placed my hands on each of her legs, spreading them, and began to pull my cock half way out and push back in, slowly gaining pace. She moaned the whole time as I built up my speed to be fucking her in a good rhythm. I watched my cock draw in and out of her pussy, which was something I loved to do, as I listened to the sound of her moans and our pelvis’s slapping together fill the room. Her tight, wet and warm pussy squeezed my dick, trying to draw my cum out of it, but I stilled myself to last as long as I could and enjoy /best/pussy-best/the-best-pussy/">the best pussy I had ever had.

I fucked her hard like this for a few minutes, then licked my thumb to and began to rub her swollen clit while I was fucking her. This made her moan even more and the sound sex filled the room. I leant over her a bit more, still pumping my hard cock in and out of her tiny pussy as we hooked up, then I sucked on her nipples. ’I think I’m going to cum again’, she managed to get out in between moans. I picked up my pace and went back to rubbing her clit again. A few seconds later, I felt her pussy clamp even tighter on my cock as she orgasmed and I tried to not let this make me cum myself.

As her orgasm subsided, I pulled my cock out of her and picked her up off the bench. ’Suck my cock you little slut’, I ordered her, pushing her to her knees. I presented it to her and she took the whole thing in her mouth, slurping up her pussy juices greedily off it. ’Suck my balls’, I ordered, lifting my cock up to give her access. She sucked them like she had earlier that night and I loved every minute of it. After a while I presented my cock back to her and she took the whole thing straight back in her mouth, choking on it as she deep throated it. Her big lips felt so good wrapped around my cock as I had imagined, it was as if they had been made for it.

I made her give me head for about a minute before I ordered her to stand up again. I bent her over the desk in front of me and she poked her nice little arse up in the air for me, ready to be fucked from behind. ’You love my cock don’t you, you little slut’, I said to her, pulling her hair which was done up in a pony-tail. ’Yes, please fuck me with it!’, she replied. ’You have it when I give it to you’, I said strongly, smacking her little ass. ’Please, fuck me!’, she pleaded as I smacked her arse again. She moved her hand to her pussy and started to finger it but I pulled it away quickly. ’Did I say you could play with your pussy?’, I asked her. ’No’, she replied, sounding slightly scared. I slapped her nice, little arse hard, placing my hand on her back to push her face into the desk. I slapped her arse hard, over and over again, leaving red hand prints on her arse. Her moans, initially half pleasure and half pain, soon became all pain and she pleaded with me to stop.

I kept spanking her for a while longer, then stopped. ’You don’t do anything without my permission’, I instructed her. ’Ok’, she replied in pain. Still pushing her into the desk, I offered my cock to her. ’Suck it again’, I ordered. She did as she was told and I reached back to rub her pussy from behind as her lips and mouth sent me into a state of /ecstasy/">ecstasy yet again. Her pussy was more slippery than I had ever felt one before, the spanking obviously having turned her on immensely despite the pain. She moaned as I rubbed her pussy but continued to suck my cock.

Using her pussy juice, I slipped my fingers up to her tiny arsehole and began to rub over it. She moaned in pleasure, obviously loving it, so I slowly started to massage and work my index finger into her tiny arsehole. ’You love me fingering your arse don’t you, you little slut’, I asked her as she kept sucking my cock. ’Mmm’, she moaned in pleasure, not letting my cock out of her mouth. ’Would you like me to lick it?’, I asked her. ’Mmm’, she moaned again. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and went on my knees behind her, licking her little rosebud. ’Oh’, she moaned as I tongued her arsehole.

’Now, do you want my cock?’ I asked her. ’Yes, yes please’, she pleaded. I slid the tip up and down her soaking pussy slit and pushed it inside. It felt as if I had used a whole tube of lube on my cock as it slipped in to her tiny, pink pussy so easily. She moaned in pleasure and I started to fuck her hard from behind. She moaned loudly again as my balls slapped against her clit. I grabbed her by her pony-tail yanking her face back towards mine as I fucked her tiny pussy from behind and starting kissing her neck and sucking on her ear lobe. She moaned uncontrollably as I pumped in and out of her. ’You fucking love my cock don’t you, you little slut’, I said in her ear. ’Yes’, she responded over 5 or 6 seconds, trying to get it out between her moans.

I let go of her hair and pushed her back into the desk. ’Spread your arse for me’, I told her as I kept pumping in and out. She reached back and spread her arse cheeks, revealing her tight little arsehole which was wet from before. I had a great view of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy and her tiny arsehole which I began to finger. She moaned in response and it wasn’t long before her pussy started to pulse and her arsehole opened up and she was orgasming yet again.

As her orgasm subsided, I pulled my cock out and started to rub the tip over her tiny little arsehole. She seemed hesitant at first, putting her hand on my pelvis, thinking about pushing me away but stopped in fear of another spanking. ’You want me to fuck you in the arse you little slut?’ I asked her. ’Go slow’, she managed to respond weakly, clearly not wanting me to spank her little arse again, which was still bright red and covered in hand prints. I reached over to the desk drawer and grabbed out some lube, squeezing it into my hand. I stroked it over my cock generously and used a little to lube up her ass. I stuck one finger in, then another, trying to stretch her arsehole a little to accommodate my rock hard cock. With two fingers in her arsehole, she whimpered a little in pain, so I told her to rub her clit. She did so without hesitation and it wasn’t long before she was moaning in pleasure again.

I pulled my fingers out and grabbed my cock, positioning the head at the opening of her tight, virgin arsehole. Slowly pushing in, I experienced heavy resistance and more whimpers of pain as I struggled to fit my cock in Stacey’s tiny arse. Pushing harder, I watched the head of my dick disappear into her little arsehole, then centimeter by centimeter my shaft slid in as well. Her moans were half pleasure, half pain as she rubbed her clit and my cock finally disappeared all the way inside. It was so much tighter than any pussy I had ever experienced before and warmer too, which felt amazing on my cock. I slowly slid it out all the way until just the tip remained inside her, then coated my shaft with lube again to ease the process. Pushing back in slowly all the way, she still moaned in pain, this time a little less. ’Rub your pussy’, I instructed her as I ever so slowly picked up the pace with each stroke.

After several minutes of sliding my cock in and out of her now deflowered arsehole, I had started to get into a solid rhythm. Her moans were slowly turning to pleasure instead of pain as she rubbed her clit, so I decided to speed up a little more. Watching my cock disappear into her arsehole on each stroke, Stacey moaned louder and louder as she was sent into a state of ecstasy which she had never felt before. ’You love my dick in your arse don’t you, you little slut?’, I asked her. ’Yesss, fuck me, it’s so good’, she struggled to get out in between panting and more moans. I fucked her arse harder, my balls slapping against her pussy as her breaths became faster and shallower. ’Ohhhh fuck, I think I’m going to squirt’, she said, rubbing her clit frantically. I felt her arsehole start to widen on the inside as she started to moan uncontrollably and she started to squirt her juices all over my desk and the floor. ’Oh’, she moaned as her orgasm continued, my cock still pumping in and out of her tiny arsehole.

After about 45 seconds, her orgasm finally subsided and I felt my own start to approach. As it did, I pumped her arsehole harder and harder, before I pulled out, forcing her to her knees in front of me. ’Suck it’, I ordered her and shoved it in her hot, wet mouth. She took it, making slurping sounds as she frantically bobbed her head up and down. My balls started to tighten quickly and I grabbed her head as she kept sucking, making sure I would come in her mouth. ’Oh’, I breathed as my cock started to pulse, sending a huge load into her mouth. She tried to take it all in but struggled and some dribbled out onto her beautiful, little tits.

My orgasm slowly subsided and she swallowed what she could as she tried to suck my cock clean for the second time that night. It was a sight that wouldn’t get old, her big lips wrapped around my cock as I felt so relaxed after the best fuck of both of our lives. When she had finished sucking my cock dry, she wiped the cum off her tits and swallowed it to, smiling in exhaustion. I picked her up and carried her onto my bed, both of us collapsing in exhaustion. ’That’s a good little slut’, I said squeezing her arse as we fell asleep. ’Now you be a good girl and do that whenever I ask from now on’.