Work Out Of The Office Part 2

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Work Out Of The Office Part 2

It had been a month since Janine and I started having our out of office meetings.All seemed to be the same but I still enjoyed them.
I sat in the office and began to work when my moss, Ms.Walker walked into my office with a girl.

"Cheyenne Id like you to meet our newest worker. This is Ahn Mei Sitake.Ahn Mei this is Cheyenne Lee." I looked at Ahn Mei.Asian with the longest hair I had ever seen.It went down to the end of her hips.Her body was perfect,nice curves but not /fat/">fat at all.Her breasts looked like a D cup but they were tightly hidden under a pink sweater.

"Nice to meet you Ms.Lee" Ahn Mei held out her hand and I shook it. Her hands were so soft.I looked up at her again and she was just beautiful.Her eyes were large and light brown and her beautiful lips. I could feel myself building up inside.I could just attack her now.

"Well Cheyenne,I think you should be able to train her. Shes your new secretary.Your second office door leads to her office.Train her this week.It should be easy.Goodbye ladies." The secretary office was small,no windows,just 2 doors.One leading into my office and one leading to the exit.
Ms.Walker left the room and Ahn Mei sat down in the chair in front of my desk.

"So you how old are you?" Ahn Mei said as I typed at my computer.
"Im 26.You?"
"Same.I just moved here from Tokyo.I love it" Tokyo.She was definitely straight.
"Oh.Well lets get training started."

I taught her the basics of being a secretary and who to contact.I gave her a tour of the whole office and finally ended it in he copying room.I gave her an example of how to make book copies and I stood in front of her.I could hear her moving behind me and I felt her hips brush against mine as she walked to get a better view of the copier.

"Just make my copies here." I pointed.The room was tiny and warm.It was hard being around her.I just wanted to rip her miniskirt off.
"Its so warm in here." she said as she unbuttoned the first 3 buttons of her sweater.I looked at her tan skin,it looked so soft and shiny.

"Well Ill be back in my office you can go on break." I quickly ran back to my office and shut the door.Luckily there were no windows in mine so I quickly pulled down my skirt and lace panties and sat down. I had started masturbating ever since I had my meetings with Janine. I worked faster as I could feel my orgasm coming.

"Ahhhh..! " I said trying to hold it in.I started coming and the door opened from Ahn Meis office.
"OH IM SO SORRY!" Ahn Mei said looking down at my pussy.I looked confused as she stood there starring xxx at me.
"Oh please dont be embarassed.I do that too!" She said giggling.

"Well,Ill leave you to your work." Ahn Mei left and I put my clothes back on.So much for that hot moment.
When work was over I packed my briefcase and walked to the copying room where Ahn Mei was finishing up my copies that I needed to take home.I opened the door and gasped when I saw Ahn Mei lying on the counter with a /vibrator/">vibrator on her pussy.I stood there and watched as she moved it around slowly,she still hadnt noticed I was in there.

"Oh...oh..." She moaned as she lay there.First day on the job and shes already masturbating in the copy room.I had tointerrupt. I needed to go home and take care of my own business.I was meeting Janine at 4 also,and it was already 3.
"Ahn Mei?" I said as I approached her.

Surprisingly she giggled."Sorry,I just needed it." She said as she pulled her skirt up and tossed her vibrator into her purse.
"Its fine.Did you finish my copies?"
"Yes their in the folder." I picked them up and looked Ahn Mei up and down.I fantasized about her.Feeling her body up against mine.
"Ahn Mei,why dont you go home and have your boyfriend take care of your little ache?" I said as she picked up her purse.
"I dont have a boyfriend.I dont like men." She said and giggled. Oh my god.I suddenly could feel my nipples harden as I thought about her more.It could possibly happen.

"What about you Cheyenne you should get home and have your boyfriend take care of yours" She giggled again.Her giggle was so /cute/">cute,it made me hot.
"Im lesbian.Im like you.I havent been with a man since /college/">college."
"Oh.So youve been with a woman lately?" Ahn Meis eyes seemed to get bigger and she unbuttoned her sweater till I could see her bra.
"Yes but as a friend with benefits." I laughed and made my way towards the door.
"Oh.Well Ms.Lee,Im having a problem with my computer can you come see?" 
"Sure." I followed Ahn Mei to her office and sat down in her computer chair.I heard her lock the door to the office,but I ignored and turned the computer on.
"It seems fine to me." I said as I turned it off.

I turned face her,but as I turned around I saw her standing naked and she walked towards me.
I squirmed as I could feel myself getting wet.

"Cheyenne,please? I really need it" Ahn Mei porn videos download looked at me and licked her finger and circled her nipples.
"I...I.." I stuttered but knew I wanted it also."Okay" I said and she came and sat on my lap.
Ahn Mei began kissing me softly then slowly kissed me harder and harder.She pulled my skirt and panties down and then took off my top and bra.
"Oh I want you so /bad/">bad Ms.Lee." She said as she kissed my breasts.
"mmm " I said as I closed my eyes and enjoyed her lips on my breast.

She went down to my thighs and just starred at my pussy.She massaged my thighs with her fingers and stuck them in my hole.She moved slowly,knowing that I wanted it so bad.She teased me as she licked my pussy once,then moved her head away.

"Oh just fucking suck me already!" I yelled as she smiled and burried her face into my pussy.She licked and sucked like she was kissing me and fingered me to the point where I was about to explode.

"Oh Ahn Mei fuck!Oh my god!Ahhhh...Oh...Oh Shit Im cumming..Oh fuck harder...Mmmm.." I was yelling,the feeling was so good.It was better than anything Janine had given me.A few minutes later,Ahn Mei lifted her head up and looked at me like it was her turn.

"Please Cheyenne,and want you to suck my tits so bad..oh and my pussy,it needs you.Baby please" She gave me a sad face and I obeyed.
I licked slowly and steady around her nipples.I sucked her right breast and massaged the left.She gave out loud breaths as I moved down to her pussy.I sucked slowly,teasing her like she had done to me.

I put two fingers in her and moved them slowly.I looked up at her and removed my fingers,knowing she wanted them.
"Oh put them back!Please just fuck me with them fast I want it fast Cheyenne fast!" She sceamed and I did as told.Her orgasms were uncontrollable she yelled loudly and begged for me.

"Please Cheyenne..uhh...suck it harder..uh...mmm oh it so..ah soo...oh fuck Im cumming!Oh fuck!uh....more baby more..." I kept licking her the best I could and suddenly the door flung open from my office.