How i made love to another couple

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
How i made love to another couple

I am a 26 year old guy and i have become friends with a couple across the road from my house. The couple are jason and sue and they are married and are in their early forties. I am single and i havent had sex for about a year and i was getting a bit desperate.

Sue was a nice looking lady and she flirted with me a lot and one day they invited me over to their house for a meal. I brought some wine and we all laughed and joked and the evening went fine. We finished the meal and i went to sit on the couch and sue sat next to me. The wine had got to us now and sue was in full flirt mode. I was enjoying it and jason came over and asked if i wanted to fuck sue. I was abit embarrased at first but i said i would like to fuck her and then sue began to kiss me. At this point i was really drunk and sue unzipped my trousers and went down on me.

She sucked my cock like a porn star and i was almost at the point of spunking in her mouth. Jason came over to watch us and he told us to come upstairs. We went upstairs and i sue stripped me off and then took of her cloths and we got into bed together. Jason took of his cloths and watched us. Sue was laying on her side and i went behind her and pushed my cock into her /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt. I pumped her cunt like a hungry schoolboy on a first shag.

As i fucked sue jason got in behind me and layed beside me. I felt free porn movies download his cock slide between my arse cheeks and the tip of his cock touched my bum hole. I let jason push his cock slowly into my arse and then fuck me while i fucked his wife. I was drunk and i didnt care what was happening. After a short time sue got up and jason told me to fuck him.

I got behind him and pushed my cock into his arse hole and fucked him while sue snogged me. It didnt take long for me to full hd xvideo download shoot my load up jasons arse and we all ended shower soaping each others body. We got out the shower and had sobered up a bit and i sat on the bed and jason and sue got down and began to suck my cock. sue sucked my balls while jason licked my shaft and then they layed me on my front and licked my bum.

Sue layed down and i layed on top of her and fucked her snatch and jason got on top and fucked my arse. He shot his cum inside my arse as i shot my load into sues cunt. We ended up shagging each other all night and every now and again jason takes me out for a shag and sometimes i fuck sue while we are waiting for jason to get in from work.

Next year they are taking me on a swingers holiday and i hope i will get to fuck plenty off /men/women-men/men-and-women/">men and women.