Cassies urges

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Cassies urges

Cassie came home from her job at Starbucks in the afternoon. 
"Jake? Miranda?" xxx sex video download free com Her roommates werent home yet. Good.

Cassie was twenty years old and a virgin and didnt believe in sex before marriage, but she still had sexual urges. All afternoon her pussy had been tingling. Shed even been brazenly flirting with some of the male customers, something shed never normally do. But now she was home and could relieve herself.

She went into her room and was about to close the door, but then she thought what the heck and left it open. Even though no-one was home, the open door made it more exciting. She took off her clothes in front of the mirror, admiring her naked self. Then she lay down on the bed. At last.

She placed one hand on her tit and started rubbing in circles around her nipple. 

"Oh yeah," she muttered. She placed her other hand on her other nipple and spread her legs a little wider. Soon both her nipples were very erect. Then she put her right hand onto her pussy and started massaging her clit. This felt so good and so right. 

She closed her eyes and pushed her pelvis forward. Then she took her left hand off her nipple and pushed one finger into her /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy. It felt so good the moment it was in there. 

She spread her legs as far apart as possible and stuck another finger in. She began pumping them in and out of her.

"Oh oh," she murmured. Then she remembered there was nobody in the house and began groaning and moaning louder.

It didnt take her long to /climax/">climax, and when she did she felt her pussy juices flow all over her hands like the waves of pleasure flowing all over her body. She took her hands out sexxxx video ful hd of her pussy and put them in her mouth. She tasted her juices.

"Mmm," she licked her fingers clean.
She felt tired then, so she turned on her side and went to sleep.


Jake stood in the doorway, his hand frantically jerking his cock in his trousers. He couldnt believe what he had just witnessed.